Can you freeze soup in a Tupperware?

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Definitely YES! Certain foods, such as liquids, casseroles and uncooked meat, can be frozen in Tupperware containers. ... Please do not freeze soup in containers that are not specifically marked food-safe or freezer-safe. 8) Chill soup thoroughly before freezing.
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No, it's not. Soups are made when you have stock or broth - made from simmering meat, vegetables, or seafood in water. Cereal has similar properties to something like a rice soup - a grain sitting in liquid, but soups are cooked. Cereal is just grains put into a bowl of milk..
Maybe some dark crispy bread as well. If it is a thicker soup you may even want to dip your bread into it. :) Green salad with a tangy dressing. Bacon bread sticks....the smokey bacon pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the soup.
First, put down your placemat if you're using one. Set the dinner plate in the center of the placemat (or directly in front of the seat, if no placemat). If you're having salad, set the salad plate atop the dinner plate in the center. If you're having soup, place the soup bowl atop the salad plate.
If you like EXTRA THICK soup, only add 4 cups of stock instead of 5 when boiling. We find 5 to be perfect to suit our taste. Having said that, if you find for some reason your soup has turned out too thin, feel free to use a cornstarch slurry (1 part cornstarch to 2 parts liquid) to thicken it up..
3 Crackers Alternatives As Soup Garnish
  • The leafy option. For the health savvy, replacing crackers with organic greens is a great move. ...
  • Homemade croutons. For something similar to crackers, try adding croutons the next time soup's on the menu. ...
  • Tortilla strips and chips.
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